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Based in the South East of England, we enjoy a wide range of civilised events.

With hundreds of selected, passionate & like-minded Members,
join our array of lightweight & track cars !


Breakfast Meets

Handpicking stunning venues in the Home Counties, a chance to walk around the cars & have a chat with a takeaway breakfast, on a Sunday morning and changing locations Monthly. RSVP is essential.


Convoy Drives

With 50+ drives under our belt, we enjoy convoys - split into manageable size groups. The routes are planned with a wealth of local knowledge. We tend to meet at dawn on a Sunday morning to enjoy the lack of traffic.


Track Days

Visiting Goodwood & MSV circuits regularly, come & join our wide range of cars, from Caterhams to Nobles, from Alpines to Atoms!


Euro Trips & Trackdays

Also with a wealth of local knowledge (and languages), we enjoy a sweet spot of great roads coupled with a well organised trackdays and perhaps watching a race where possible. We'll always try to squeeze a brewery & winery visit in there!


Wales / Scotland Trips

From Snowdonia to the Highlands, join us for some dramatic landscapes & incredible roads, again with local knowledge, and we'll try and explore a brewery or two also!


Collection/Workshop Visits

We're fortunate to have an abundance of Historic Racing workshops in our region, spaces are often limited and visits tend to be on Saturdays.

shere hill climb thumbnail.jpg

Hill Climbs & Sprints

Very fortunate to have many historic Hill Climbs & Sprints in our region, whilst we're not part of any Motorsport Federation, we always enjoy these friendly events.


Summer Evening Meets

Nothing like a summer evening! We cherry pick beauty spots or rustic pubs. The format is more casual. The drive home can be quiet and spirited.



Manors, castles, lakes, quarry, barns... love to take some dramatic shots of your car as well as a group photo.

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